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Manilva Spain

The most westerly municipality in Malaga. Its territory sweeps from the lower Genal Valley down to the coast, and consists primarily of gentle hills covered in vineyards.

The centre of the village stands 2 kilometres from the coast and its architectural highlight is Saint Anne's Church.

A second, adjacent nucleus, Sabinillas, stands on the coast, and is home to Sabinillas Fortress, which dates back to the reign of Charles III.

In addition to its large beaches, the coast is home to a number of places of interest, such as the Pleasure Harbour and Punta Chullera Tower.

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A number of archaeological findings in the region have been witness to the presence of a number of settlements, possibly dating back to prehistoric times. The most interesting discoveries belong to the Roman era and were made in Sabinillas, where a Roman town appears to have once stood.

The village was founded in 1796 when it freed itself from the jurisdiction of Casares, though a settlement existing on the site of present-day Manilva prior to this date.

During the reign of Charles III, Sabinillas Castle was built to protect the area from the Berber pirates who frequently attacked the coast. Records tell us that its construction was paid for by a Seville nobleman by the name of Don Francisco Paulino.

During the Independence War, it was one of the few locations not to be occupied by Napoleon's troops. It is for this reason that Manilva's coat of arms bears the words most noble and loyal village.

Manilva Council
Address: C/ Mar, 34. 29691. Manilva (Malaga).
Phone Number: +34 952 89 00 65.
Website (in English):

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