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Montejaque Spain

A white town in the Serrania de Ronda mountains whose urban design bears witness to its Andalusi past, with steep, narrow streets and whitewashed houses with Arabic roof tiling; a past that is especially evident in the upper district of the town. The lower district, with its modern streets, is home to Saint James' Parish Church.

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The name Montejaque comes from Monte Sacrum, sacred mountain. As a military fortress, it played an important defensive role in protecting the borders of the Nazari kingdom of Granada.

When Ronda was captured and the surrounding region subsequently controlled by the Catholic Monarchs in 1485, Montejaque was awarded to the Count of Benavente, who was named Lord of Montejaque and Benaojan, whereupon the 2 town ceased to be mere districts of the town of Ronda.

Records tell us that during the revolts instigated by the moriscos (Moslem converts to Christianity) in the 16th century, the governor of Montejaque, the morisco Mohamed Idriz, saw his life endangered by his refusal to support his rebel brothers, his attitude being rewarded after the uprising had been crushed with land and an annuity.

Another event in the town's history occurred in 1810, during the Independence War, when the guerrilla Jose de Aguilar led 250 men from Montejaque, Benaojan, Atajate, Cortes de la Frontera and Jimera de Libar to victory against 599 French foot soldiers and 90 cavalry at the bridge over the River Gaduares.

Montejaque is also famous for having played host to generations of young Spaniards receiving their Advanced Pre-military Training.

Montejaque Council
Address: Plaza Constitucion, 4. 29360. Montejaque (Malaga).
Phone Number: +34 952 167 226.
Official Website: (only in Spanish).
Information in English: Wikipedia.

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