Sierra Nevada

We are adding more Sierra Nevada hotels and apartments to our accommodation offers. As now that is the season to come to Sierra Nevada we want you to find all the best resorts and to enjoy your holidays. Sierra Nevada is a fantastic place to have fun and to enjoy the winter; there is much to do and to see. Sierra Nevada nightlife is charming, and you will love the long skiing pistes, learning with a skiing teacher if you like or to hire ski equipment if you don’t own one already, we offer great discounts if you book your hotel with us!.

We are sure that you will enjoy Sierra Nevada, please check our latest hotels and apartments offers additions, and when possible, don´t forget to send us your experiences, we are always happy to know from our customers!.  Below are some customers who agreed to be posted here:

John: We have had a fantastic time in Sierra Nevada! Thank you and your team for everything, we loved the place and we are also thinking in visiting it in summer for some trekking time.

*Answer to John: Im so glad you enjoyed your holidays in Sierra Nevada and you are welcome!. We hope you come back again, thank you very much for your kind feedback!

Alina: I went to Granada just for visiting a friend, but after reading all the information you provide in the website I also wanted to do some skiing and wow!…Sierra Nevada is a fantastic place, I also visited Malaga which is close and loved it. I hope to come again soon!

*Answer to Alina: Thank you Alina! Yes Sierra Nevada is wondeful, thank you for the pictures you sent to us! We hope to know from you soon again!

Jorge: I enjoyed Sol y nieve Hotel in Sierra Nevada and skiing was great. Loved it! Thank you for all your support. (Original post in spanish)

*Answer to Jorge: You are welcome Jorge! Thank you very much for letting others know your opinion and we hope to know from you again soon

Those are only some of the feedbacks we received and we loved all of them!, please send yours and let us know if you would like it to be published 🙂

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Do not hesitate in contacting us for any question you may have, we are here to help you decide!


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