Renting apartments in Malaga

As mentioned in the first part of our article, apartments are usually combining living, dining and bedroom in one single large room, which as well includes a kitchenette and a separate bathroom. There are as well available larger apartments with several separated bedrooms and the living room usually as well contains a sofa bed.

Choosing an apartment in your holidays gives you more freedom and independency than staying in a Hotel. As well it provides more the feeling of living in Spain, as probably you will do some shopping, cooking or enjoying the restaurants, rather than eating the menus in the Hotel.

Here we give you an idea of the different types of apartments in Malaga. Prices as well vary with the service available.

  • Apartments with self catering service: Self catered apartments usually provide kitchen facilities so that guests are able to cook foods at their convenience. Self catering apartments are ideal if you are travelling with small children and need a fridge, if you have medication which needs to be kept cool or you are simply a large family who does not want to be separated into several hotel rooms.
  • Aparthotels: An Aparthotel is basically a hybrid of apartment and hotel, that is, a serviced apartment complex that uses a hotel-style booking system. Apartment hotels are a flexible kind of accommodation; instead of the rigid format of a hotel room, an apartment hotel complex usually offers a fully fitted apartment.Basically, the Aparthotel merges the flexibility of living in an apartment and the “back-up” of a hotel in terms of basic services of a hotel. It is ideal for executives on long business trips where they need some privacy and comfort, or those who on vacation want to feel “at home” in a house or separate apartment for them, but at the same time want to enjoy the comforts of a hotel. This kind of facility tends to be more expensive than the previous one.
  • Apartments all included: All inclusive apartments are offering you the self catering facilities and at the same time are included all your food and beverages. You might find interesting packages; nevertheless make sure beforehand, what exactly is included in the apartment offer.

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